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    Winter Landscapes

    Open Topic. Let us combat the global warming. This one seems fit for a PF2019 greeting. PF2019 everyone !
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    X-T3 Extreme Cold Weather Test! -35

    Hi all! I took my xt3 out into the freezing cold temps of northern Canada to see if it could still operate (-35 Celsius wind chill) , and I was very happy with the results! Along with the vertical battery grip I was able to shoot 179 raw photos, 8 minutes of 1080p @120fps footage, and 12 minutes of 4K footage. Also I kept the camera turned on the entire time and it stayed alive for 2 hours and 10 minutes! It almost lasted longer than I could in the cold temps! Here is a video of the “experiment” Enjoy! https://youtu.be/KbPLtC8MmZM
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    Marco Russo


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    Fall pictures

    The cottonwood leaves start out as a light minty green in early spring, and then darker green until the gold of late autumn. Here a few of the aspens from a few years ago.
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    Winter Landscapes

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