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    Marco Russo


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    Winter Landscapes

    Thank you, sir ! You are very kind. I was just lucky to be there at the right time. But, on a holiday with my three sons and my wife, as usual, it was a "shoot quickly and run" affair - no time for some serious business like using a stative or filters or composing carefully. These were all taken with my X-T10 (before I bought the X-T2). What a little jewel of a camera that is.
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    Sorry, maybe I did not put it in a good way. The Godox flashes work well, that includes the TT350 and the autofocus assist. That is my answer to your first question. I can only give you my opinion but plenty of reviews on the Godox flashes say the same thing. I would suggest one of the models with Li-Ion accus (V350F is the one in similar size and power to the TT350F). That I volunteered as extra information to your question, please disregard it if you do not find it useful. I think the Godox are better than the Nissin, in my opinion. That is the answer to your second question. I also volunteered some extra information about the remotes and about the Meike flash, please disregard also it if you do not find it useful.
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