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    Unable to claim cashback for X-T3

    Ah, thank you very much, dfaye! Yes, indeed, those are fabulous lenses, and the camera itself is fabulous. I will stay with them for the remainder of my life, I believe. Thanks, and happy shooting to you and all, too. Heather
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    Ha! A very old thread, but it instantly resonates with me: I still have the X-E1 at home. It was my first Fuji X camera (in late 2012) and I was so delighted with it's output. Kept it for more than 2 years as my primary camera for everything. Whenever I came home with photos, they were beautiful: sharp, vibrant, film- like. I then went for the X-T1: Still excellent skin tones, but more modern color look, but so much better EVF, AF etc. Kept it for even longer than the X-E1, accompanied after a year by the Sony a7rII. Sony sensor is technically a piece of wonder, 42MP tack sharp with IBIS, deep DR, low noise etc. But the colors are one greenish mess in comparison. Sold it after a while. In early 2018 I bought the X-H1: IBIS; superb shutter, 24MP, and quite good color. Until one day I looked through my 2012-14 archives, and man, I almost had forgotten how vibrant, filmish colors look like. What worth is a huge EVF if - in the end - the photos look less - well - photogenic?
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    Streetphotography (open thread)

    Some street scenes from Marrakesh A woman in Marrakesh by Stockografie, on Flickr Relaxing by Stockografie, on Flickr
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