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    X-Pro1 spare parts

    Best bet seems to be getting a broken one (with a different defect) to scavenge.
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    Imperial Rome

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    Imperial Rome

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    Jose Carpin

    "Last gaze from Varkala"

    "Last gaze from Varkala" Varkala, Kerala India 2018 Come check out my site www.josecarpin.com ... and don't forget to add me on instagram jose_carpin_photographer Fuji X-T2 + XF23mm f2 R WR
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    buying X-T1 or X-T20 in 2018?!

    Hello, I had similar dilema recently, and decided to buy x-t1 because the fact that it has weather-sealed body (dust, splash, freeze proof down to -10°C), larger viewfinder than x-t20, more manual controls with a separate ISO dial and can be equipped with grip with extra battery. I think that x-t20 will be better for shooting fast moving subjects - as it has more af points. If you like touchscreens it also coul be an advantage.
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