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  2. Lightroom Classic CC Official Fujifilm X Photographer and Adobe Lightroom certified expert Piet Van den Eynde has a launch offer on his brand new online course “Learn Lightroom Classic CC in 2.5 hours“. You can get it now for $59,96… The post Learn Lightroom Classic CC in 2.5 Hours – Save 25% on Video Course by Fuji X Photographer Piet Van den Eynde appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
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  4. ewm19

    Streetphotography (open thread)

    X100T Jan2019 ☺️
  5. Robrac


    Hi, I’m about to purchase the Fuji XH-1 with Booster Grip can anyone confirm that the freezing problem has been fixed? Regards
  6. NeilC

    Acros film simulation

    Thanks jerryy, I'll certainly give those options a go!
  7. Herr Barnack

    The versatile X100 series

    You know what they say about shooting with just one focal length: Good points - but I'm still not sure who "they" are, even after all these years...
  8. Yesterday
  9. yukosteel

    Lens control error

    There is one more thing come to my mind. Please double check that lens is completely attached and lens lock button clicks at the end of attaching and turning lens clockwise.
  10. yukosteel

    Lens control error

    The last thing I'd try is to carefully clean contacts on lens. Indeed it's very bad experience. All numerous Fuji cameras/lens I purchased new or used worked flawlessly. It's strange to see lens fails after just 4 days of use. Typically if there are any defects in electronics/mechanics it unveils during first couple weeks of use. I'd return camera to seller to deal with issue, or alternatively just send lens to Fuji Service for investigation and repair.
  11. Marco Russo

    bus tifista.jpg

    follow me on istagram @marcorussophotography
  12. merlin

    Pecos River in Winter

    We set out mid-morning for our first ever winter visit to the canyon. The narrow, twisting road had a fair number of scary icy and snow-covered patches, but Diana's bad weather Michigan driving skills were up to the challenge. There were very few places to stop due to the snow banks, but we found a spot near the Terrero General Store and walked back to an old bridge with a path that went down to the river. The tall trees (Douglas fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, Ponderosa Pines), shrubs, rocks, and snow-covered hills were a wonderful backdrop for the rushing waters. We walked a bit, sat by the river, and drank in the marvels of Nature.
  13. Please help my x-e2 is showing the ! ! ! !CARD ERROR message and I can't get past it no matter what card I put in there. Can anybody tell me how to get past this? I looked at the pictures on a linux laptop and since then it won't read or write to any card .
  14. Meike for Fujifilm Back in February 2018 here, Meike announced the 50mmF1.7, 25mmF2 and Cine 25mmT2.2 Lens for Fujifilm. Now the Meike 25mm T2.2 is finally available for pre-order at AmazonUS here. The Meike 50mm f/1.7 is also already available… The post Meike 25mm T2.2 and Meike 50mm f/1.7 for Fujifilm X Now Available appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  15. Nero

    Best Lenses for Video Autofocus?

    The newer f/2 lenses are probably a consistent bet among the primes. I'd go with the 50mm f/2 over the 56mm f/1.2 for video. The 56 was designed to be a portrait lens at a time when video was at best a secondary concern for Fuji.
  16. romaincn

    Turn camera off and on again error message

    I got same wrong message on my camera with 23m lens. Someone told me the case happened by dirty thing. But its not.
  17. jerryy

    Acros film simulation

    It sounds like you are using Adobe products. So ... you might have some good results trying gradient mapping (This technique also works in other photo editors.) Here are a couple of step by step tutorials: https://digital-photography-school.com/black-white-photoshop-gradient-map/ https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-editing/black-and-white-tutorials/gradient-map-adjustment/ ps The free Raw Convertor software FujiFilm gives you with the camera does have some decent conversion options as well.
  18. Last week
  19. PLenX-T1

    X-T3 audio level adjustment

    Got it. Called tech support for guidance & got it. Will adjust during record.👍
  20. Anubhab ghosh

    Lens control error

    It's didn't work I have done the firmware update just now....
  21. Anubhab ghosh

    Lens control error

    But how can I update the lens ?
  22. Fujifilm X-H2 Coming? Lately I get many emails asking me if the Fujifilm X-H2 is around the corner, since the price on the Fujifilm X-H1 is dropping drastically all over the world (latest countries to join is the United Kingdom… The post Price of Fujifilm X-H1 Falling Worldwide, but No Fujifilm X-H2 Coming in 2019 appeared first on Fuji Rumors. Full Article on Fuji Rumors
  23. bergat

    Lens control error

    Update the firmware lens too
  24. Philippe_S


    Orléans, France

    © Philippe Soares

  25. Philippe_S

    Hello Fujiworld !

    Hello everyone ! My name is Philippe and I am newbie on this forum; I have a Fuji XT1 + 18-55mm + 23mmf2 + 35mmf1.4. I started shooting with a Sigma DP1 Merril and then I switched to Fuji XT1 when it came out. I immediately loved the ergonomics and access to the settings. Over time I have acquired other lenses and I hope to upgrade to XPro 2 this year.
  26. wantocozmic

    Wild Nature

    Photography wild
  27. yukosteel

    Lens control error

    I'd try to factory reset camera, and re-connect lens after that. Also some new cameras may have still old firmware, it's good idea to dowload latest firmware versions from Fuji site and install. The issue definitely looks like camera fails to recognize the lens, so I'd try to update camera firmware first and see if that helps.
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