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Godox Plans Major Fujifilm Support within May

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Posted 14 July 2017 - 05:30 AM

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Hi Fuji Fans.  Monday I used my FF350 mainly as a fill in flash cos of the bright sun. I had put in a pair of good quality Alkaline batteries, after a number(200+) of flashes I was not flashing every time, did observe a brief display of word LOW - that's simple.  When I got home I measured the voltage of the batteries and was surprised 1.55V that is hi for a LOW indicator.  I did switch to TTL 1/128s and was able to get more shots.  Odd, maybe over the following weeks/months other members with multi-meters might wont to check the battery voltage when changing them. 


PS XIT-f due next week from China  I wont to try it with the EF-42 as a slave.


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