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Issues with Yongnuo YN560-TX Triggers

Flash Yongnuo Trigger

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Posted 16 February 2017 - 05:07 PM

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This month I decided to make an investment in a Yongnuo flash system based on high praise from this forum and others. I have 2 YN560 IV flashes, and a YN560-tx trigger, all in the cannon version and in use on my xt-1.


Flashes fire fine while mounted directly to the hot shoe, and connect and can be fired from the 560-tx while mounted to my xt-1. But the flashes will only fire once from the tx. I'll fire the shutter and the tx will pop both connected flashes, wait a few seconds (adjust the model, the lights, ect), and then try and fire a second shot, but the flashes won't pop. The blue LED lights up fine on both flashes, as if the tx is still connected appropriately. They will only fire again once I adjust a power/zoom/group setting on the tx trigger. I've gotten into the habit of just bumping the power up then down on the tx before each shot, just to get the flashes to fire. But this poses a problem when I need to take multiple shots quickly, or if (as is the case when I have no model...) i'm taking self-portraits and am operating from the fuji camera remote app. 


I then tried operating the flashes in trx mode, firing with one flash on the camera and one off. Same thing. The flashes will fire once from camera release no problem, but will not fire again until I adjust a setting on either flash. Optical slave mode fires consecutive flashes no problem, and the pilot button works consecutively no problem as well. My suspicion is that they're wating for a half-press wake up signal from the tx before each flash release, but since I'm operating from a fuji camera, the wake-up signal on half-press is not supported, and it doesn't send it. 


I've scoured the forums and tutorials around the web to see if i'm doing something wrong. I've set what I think are the appropriate settings (same channel and groups on all connected flashes/trigger, flashes in rx mode, single flash, camera not in silent mode, manual shutter, single shot, live-view off). I even ordered a second trigger, but when that arrived yesterday and operated exactly the same way, I reached a particular level of despair. I'm considering returning it all and abandoning off-camera flashes for the time being.


Any and all help is welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

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