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My favorite camera bag is...

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#141 ruby.monkey



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Posted 19 March 2017 - 04:44 AM

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Billingham 445. It'll swallow anything from a Ricoh GRD4 to a Mamiya RZ67 (with extra film backs and change of lens) with ease and and let me carry it in comfort and in any weather; looks good; and will probably outlive me.

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Posted 19 March 2017 - 11:21 PM

I've sort of come to the conclusion, after extensive research...that there is no better camera bag for me than the Ona Prince Street. And I'm sort of disappointed because I don't really want to buy it. Don't get me wrong...I really want one because they're great bags but it's expensive and it still isn't the "perfect" bag. There aren't very many bells and whistles and did I mention it's expensive?

This is because I can't find another camera bag in that size, that looks that good, and is built from the ground up as a camera bag. I've looked a few others like Wotancraft, Zkin, Copper River, etc but most of them are more expensive (I can get Ona's with my employee discount, actually...and being Canadian, the 1:1.3 to the US dollar doesn't help).

The Prince Street is my ideal size at 12x10x4.5 and unlike a lot of other bags I looked at, they aren't just pretty bags with a camera insert in them. They're made to be camera bags. This disqualified a lot of brands like Copper River, Artisan and Artist, and lots more. Wotancraft makes some of the best quality inserts I've seen but since the Scout is $299, I might as well get a Ona Prince Street in dark truffle since it's pretty much the same price.

Dammit...I wanted to buy something more unique but I just can't find a better bag than the Ona. Seriously, I've looked everywhere. Oberwerth is twice as expensive and not as good looking, for example.

I have the ONA Brixton, and I use it for both work trips carrying the XP2 with up to 4 lenses (mostly only the 14/2.8 23/1.4 (attached) and sometimes the 56/1.2 though).

It is a really good bag and my SP3 with keyboard and charger also goes in there with spare batteries, headphones and assorted gubbins. It's more or less the perfect size for me, although I think I could make the price street work too. However, no matter how gorgeous the leather looks (and it is!) I wish I'd bought the waxed canvas version as the leather is HEAVY!

If I'm not travelling I'll tend to just sling the body with the 23/1.4 or else I'll grab my ONA Roma that I've had some D rings stitched to the outside of - which gets pretty much the same stuff in it.

If I'm using my big zoom 50-140/2.8 with the T/C I'll use my Timbuk2 medium messenger bag with the small camera insert thrown in (sadly no longer available) where my long lens kit (XP2 grip, 50-140, T/C, tripod collar, assorted attachment plates, more batteries...) live permanently.


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